Sunday, February 13, 2011

18 things to do before I'm 19

I know I'm not 18 yet but its getting so close & I've been thinking about the things I want to accomplish this coming year so here goes:
1. Finish writing one of my books
2. Start college
3. Move into my own apartment
4. Become a donor
5. Go to Cozumel
6. Give up my addiction to soda
7. Throw a party
8. Be able to play the guitar in front of people
9. Be happy
10. Make new friends
11. Take an art class
12. Be able to speak fluently in at least one of the three languages I've been trying to learn
13. Cook & bake more
14. Open the 'shop' (its coming soon guys).
15. Get a new sewing machine & put it to good use
16. Get a tattoo
17. Take more film pictures
18. Travel
Like I said I am working on the shop but what's really been cool is I find most of the pieces I make are inspired by songs. So here is a playlist of some of those inspiring songs.
Its funny how I've been into so much softer music lately.

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