Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I know that this is one very small chapter of my life closing & a even better one awaits in from of me.
I am closing the door on my 'childhood' & stepping into a new World.
But is it wrong to say I am terrified or not ready?
Is it wrong to admit I'm even crying right now!?
Is it wrong that I've been so nervous my hands have been shaking the last few days?
Its not like I think anything is going to drastically change or be different besides that I am moving out soon & starting college ect..
well I guess that kind of is drastic but.. That's not what I'm freaking out about.
I just feel like life is going bye SO fast. & I am finally realizing I cant control the speed of it & that terrifies me so badly.
It scares me to know how fast the first 18 years have gone by & that sooner than I know I will wake up & be a mother & a wife & then an old woman with grey hair sitting in a rocking chair.
Its not that I dread any of those things because I don't! I'm actually quite excited about it!
But why cant things just stop?
Why does everything have to speed by?
I just feel like I need more time..
& yes, I really am crying right now.
I hope my birthday present isn't starting to be overly emotional like my mother.

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Mrs. Dontje said...

happy birthday dear! live for every moment, we can't stop time. :)