The Author

Hello, thanks for stoppin by.
I'm just your average eighteen year old Missionary, Crocheter, gypsy. I'm simply running through my life drinking green tea & way to much water. I'm obsessed with health, except when you put a brownie in front of my face. I was an actress in my youth but have you'll rarely see my face these days with my on the road lifestyle. I watch cartoons & crime shows & one day dream of being.. EVERYTHING! I love languages, smiles, & people who think outside the box, even if we don't think the same as me. My heart belongs to Scooby Doo and Johnny Depp and of course the guy I live my life for, my Heavenly Papa. I'm a vegetarian and I struggle with insomnia (no, not the cool, up all night kind. The up for days, want to sleep but cant kind). I was a nanny in Houston Texas until I packed up & got on a jet plane. I miss my little bug, a yorkshire terrier by the name of Harley & my amazing mom back home but I'm busy figuring out who I am & exploring. I welcome you to join me.