Saturday, October 16, 2010


I'm sorry to come to you guys, but I don't know who else to come to!
I need gift ideas!
for a guy, who loves music, playing pool, & shoes.
Money is not an object!
I want to get him something that will blow his socks off & make him say "Oh my gosh! I cant believe she got me this".
I don't really want to get him shoes cause then I'd have to ask what his shoes size is & I want it to be a complete surprise!
He already has a guitar or I'd get him one...


Kaleena J. said...

Hm... that's kind of a toughy. Perhaps you could get him tickets to an upcoming concert? Or you can get him a turntable to play records on? I dunno... sorry i'm not a lot of help haha

♥ the carlisle said...

what I've always done is cool homemade things like blankets or collages or this one time i used different colored sharpies and drew all of our memories on this huge bowl that he can use for anything he wants to eat.
if you wanna get him shoes, sneak into his room. or just the next time he comes over take a sneak peek into them.
or. here's a really cool idea i just thought of: you can make a guitar stand out of pool sticks & shoes. there you go!

Shelley said...

Well, maybe concert tickets to his fav band? Or a bunch of cool accessories for his guitar? I don't know much about gifts for guys. :)

city girl said...

Def go for concert tickets. It'll not just be a fun gift, but will lead to an awesome memory!