Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall, oh Fall.

Friday was a fun day!
I had to work all day & my mom had my jeep but my boss let me borrow her car (2010 Honda accord crossroad! its AMAZING! Even if it looks like a space car!)
When I got there bright & early Kevin was already in his costume!
When I finally got him out of it we went & got food & pumpkins to carve!
This was his (& mine ;)) it was the first pumpkin I had ever carved, can you believe that?
It was quite fun! & Kevin loved it!
I'm now so ready for fall! (instead of my previous attitude of not wanting the cold weather to come). I'm ready to bake cookies with fall tastes, break out my boots & sweaters & the smell of Cinnamon & apples :)
Anyone have some good cookie recipes?
{sorry for the bad photo quality, I had to use my phone}

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