Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday was a Funday

Dear Mom,
Thank you for not being mad at me when I got a little cranky with you a couple of times today. & thank you for going & getting me a frosty, & letting me pick out what show we got to watch (CSI for the win!)

Dear Bryce,
Thank you for playing the guitar to me as I went to sleep at like 3 this morning, thank you for forcing me to finally go to sleep, thank you staying on web cam with me just cause I asked you not to leave me, thank you for being there when I woke up again, & thank you for saying I sleep cute. Thank you for spending your entire day off talking to me. You're silly but even though you are like 7000 miles away you still make me smile.

Dear Life,
I kinda like you right now. We've had some problems the last year, But the last few weeks you've had a million beautiful surprises for me & I'm starting to truly love you again. Just please keep this up, I beg of you!

I hope everyone else had a good Sunday as well!

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Kenziefaith said...

Oooh, What a great mom - I love frosties! Ha :) x