Friday, October 15, 2010

"worrying is putting a down payment on a problem you may never have"

-I slept all day due to the fact I stayed up all night (whats new).
-found my old diary & some very interest facts that I had long since forgot about myself & friends. Some of which being: I couldn't spell worth a crap, I had crushes on people that I seriously could NEVER admit I had a crush on now days. (It would just be bad.) & Also I was insanely boy crazy. I think I mentioned four guys in a one month period (two of which were related.. yeah.. its pretty bad)! Oh & up to that point a guy telling some other person "well if your not friends with Brooke then I'm not your friend" was the "nicest thing any guy had ever done for me". *rolls eyes*
- I forgave & tried to bring peace between me & someone I just really wanted to punch in the face.. & it made me feel good.
- I worked on my Spanish & figured out that I can not pronounce anything in Spanish. A realization that depressed me.
- I didn't turn on my television all day
- I stay at home, on my p.j.'s all day. (& in bed he he he)
- I had Joyce Meyer's 'Release Your Faith' message on repeat on my laptop.
- I studied! Which I hadn't done in forever... oops...
-I woke up with such a stiff neck that I still cant move it!
- I cuddle with my little Harley boy.
- I learned how important faith is & how faith really does have the strength to move mountains. So we have got to have faith in things, & think GOOD things & always look on the bright side & expect the best! (I've been trying to learn this forever but today I think I made a real break through. Its a struggle to trust people & expect the best out of people who have hurt us. But if we don't we are just setting them up to fail. Instead of having faith in them & setting them up to succeed)

& That's was my day & I loved it