Saturday, April 9, 2011

Then I got hit by a bus...

Tonight it hit me.
That I'm really leaving.
For the first time instead of talking about how "exciting" me leaving was I really got to thinking about how sad its going to be too.
& I cried, I wont lie..

Here are the things that I will miss

1. Not having my mom there to go crawl in bed with when I'm having guy problems.. or I'm just on my period & in an emotional mood.

2. Having my puppy there to cuddle with. He always takes my troubles away with one head tilt. He knows when I'm sad & when I'm mad & knows how to comfort me.

3. Dr. Pepper. I've given up the addiction... but not even having the option to go buy one even when I'm having a really bad day?? Harsh....

4. My friends. I know I've been so busy lately & I've been horrible at keeping in touch. But I have met some of the COOLEST people growing up. Its so sad leaving them behind. We are all growing up, doing our own thing. Its sad.

5.I'm going to miss one of my best friends, Chellce's, graduation.
A day I once planned on wearing a "I HEART CHELLCE" shirt & bring a megaphone to, I will now be halfway across the World. Sad day.

6. Netflix

Now that reality has set in I think I better hit the hay so I can spend as much time tomorrow hanging out with people since its the last time I will get to see most of them.
I can promise you, tears will be shed.

Goodnight lovely followers.
Kiss the ones you love.
You never know when their destiny will call them/you somewhere else.

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