Friday, March 18, 2011

I relapsed


My addiction started when I was a few months old.
I had flem in my throat that was making it unable for me to breath.
My mother took me to the doctor & he said that some type of coke or carbonated drink would break it up.
Since my mother was extremely against coke, she decided to give me her favorite, Dr. Pepper.
I didn't snort it, or shoot it up, but I did prefer it with ice, & fountain, not canned.
It was a beautiful romance, but as I aged I noticed a little pooch at the bottom of my belly.
I've seen other people cut soft drinks out of their diet & it helped them get rid of theirs so I decided to do the same.
I went through with drawls.
It was terrible, I'd get headaches & craved it so badly.
I sucked it up.
As I started to get more into health & learning about my body & things that are good for it & bad for it I learned a lot about what a little glass of that stuff does to you & how terrible for you it really is!
I vowed to never pick up a glass again, & haven't missed it.
I've had people buy me one & have to push it aside or pretend to drink it.
I've had to straight up say 'no'.
I've had all my friends order them & I've said "just water thanks".
But today, the very woman that started the addiction in the first place put a glass in my hand.
"You don't have to drink it" she said. "I just ordered it & don't want it"
I brought it inside the house & stared at it for awhile & then I took a sip...
within minutes it was completely gone.
I feel terrible, my high didn't last that long, & now my stomach feels like its going to explode.

Just say no kids, just say no.

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