Friday, March 18, 2011

Panty Dancin'

I guess this means we cant be friends

Don't act like you don't do it.
When you are getting ready, waking up, going to bed, getting out of the shower, or whatever your preference.
Turning on some tunes, forgetting your pants & using your brush as your microphone.
You wiggle your butt, you do the robot, you do dance moves you would NEVER do in public.
It seems completely ridiculous & if you ever found out there was a hidden camera in your room you'd be modified but for some reason it always leaves a smile on your face.
& if you don't dance around your room in your underwear.. you should.
Its been proven to cure fever, depression, & just a rotten day.
& no, I haven't read that in some medical book.
I know from personal experience.

This is my panty dancing playlist:

Are you the Brutal Heart that I've been looking for? Cause if you're looking for love, you can look for that door.

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