Sunday, April 24, 2011

My New Home/ Update

Water Castle.
(my new home. I totally took this from someone elses flickr though because I'm too lazy to go take my own)

Internet, Oh internet, how I love thee!
Been at the "base" a.k.a. my new home a.k.a. The water castle in Herrnhut Germany A.K.A. my school
for seven & a half days!
I love it here.
I love how all our lectures have translators & so you are really listening to
a lesson in German & in English
I love the castle!
Its beautiful, amazing, awesome, the coolest building EVER!
Seriously, does your home have its own recording studio, instruments you can play
all the time, its own dark room to develop film, an awesome old attic
a boutique where you can give away stuff you don't want anymore & you can also get stuff FOR FREE!!!!
A community of staff! Cleaners, workers, teachers, music players, dancers, preachers, EVERYTHING!
That are all just family & all friends & treat you no different than they treat each other?
Does it have a camp fire & a cute little town you can walk to to do all your shopping
or its own cafe?
I didn't think so.
I love my new home.
I've been working on my German.
I've been trying to learn three words a day!
Hopefully when I get really good I'll be able to translate my posts in both languages every
once in awhile.
That'd be cool.
Its sucks because it seems like the students that I'd get along with the most only
speak German! So that is definitely inspiring me to learn as well.
I got my cleaning duty Monday. I got to pick it.
I have to sweep the entire stairs & shoe room (yes.. we have a room just for our shoes. We are not allowed to wear them upstairs. Crazy rule but it works)
The weather is perfect right now. A little chilly the later it gets but today its probably in the 70's
Everything is so green.
Everything is amazing here I truly love it.
One of the staff members name is Julie & she told me where to get some yarn so I got plenty of that, I'm going to play around with some new patterns & see what happens.
Maybe some new stuff in the shop!
Also I will be raising the shipping price because I now would be shipping it from German BUT! I also will be lowering the price cause I feel bad! haha!
The only thing I don't like here is occasionally the food kinda... sucks! haha
but what can ya do!?
I'm craving some burger king though! They have these spicy cheese sticks here! They are also way cheaper than McDonalds here, I kid you not!
Everyone is so awesome here.
Everyone wants to help, everyone wants to be your friend.
I have certainly never experienced anything like it, I love it.
Well today is Easter, & we are about to have a Easter Feast so I'm going to go get ready for that!!!
I love you guys, ya'll are awesome

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