Friday, April 15, 2011

first post in Germany!

I know you guys are like..
Where did you go!!! Well Monday I hoped on a jet plane & took off to Germany.
I'll tell ya about my first day.

It wasn't as hard leaving my mother as I though it would be...
Maybe because I had been stressed that whole day, running around trying to get a phone that will work overseas at the last minute & having to get the last shot (four or five in all) before I left.
The plane meant freedom...
it meant a start to my new beginning.
Not that I didn't almost tear up.
But I held it back & tried to focus on what laid ahead of me & less on the wonderful mother & puppy I was leaving behind.

After making it through customs
we got on the plane fairly quickly.
There was a guy that sit next to Rachel who called her "little mama"
I thought she was surely going to die right there.
But.. on a ten hour flight you get to know a person.
His name is Carlos, he is 23 & we taught him to play skip bo.
He likes jack & coke (he order five of them while on the plane).
Him and Rachel also stayed up most of the night talking about Godly things as well.
He seemed super openminded about it, which I love.
I was fast asleep though most of the ride though.
On that flight I ate lasagna!
It was the only thing they had without meat.
My mother is probably falling off her chair, but it really wasn't that bad. (I normally refuse to eat it)

We had our first lay over in LONDON!
Flying in I saw all the beautiful things.. if only I could've had a little bit more time!
We had enough time to eat though!
Which was lucky for us because airplane breakfast sucked!
I had a "vegetarian breakfast" from this airport restaurant promising "authentic english food"
I had red beans, hashbrowns, eggs, mushrooms & vegetarian sausage.
The sausage was nasty, but I expected so, I don't really like most vegetarian meats.
Everything else was so yummy though! & their eggs aren't as dry as ours are in the states they tasted SO MUCH BETTER!
I completely felt like I was in a movie.
Everyone had english accents & it was purely the most amazing thing I had ever heard in my life, I could've stayed there forever!
Our flight attendant even said "cheers" & "cheerio"... I thought I was going to die of pure joy.

The flight from London to Hamburg Germany was only an hour & a half..
Getting out of the airport was frustrating because
1. they were rude & acted like they weren't going to let us in.
2. We had WAY too much luggage & the luggage carrier only took euro... W didn't have any... Thank Goodness for the German police who gave us a few euro for USD.

Hamburg was beautiful!!!!
I'm still in aww of its amazingness.
All the buildings looked like castles & looked hundreds of years old (they mostly were).

We went to this HUGE outdoors store too get backpacks, sleeping bags, ect for our missions stuff & it was... awesome.
The were so into everything!
Like they made us "try out" our sleeping bags to make sure they were okay.
They also had a room to "tryout" the jackets they had. It was a freezer room.
It was 5 below 0 in there & it was amazing! haha

I also descovered stand up on a moving subway is one of my favorite things to do.
It was my first time riding a subway & we took it all over Hamburger.
After starbucks we were off to Mich's (our German friend who we are staying with until DTS starts & also going with) house.
Once we got to his house we had absolutely no problem falling asleep.

& thats how our first day in Germany went :)

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{starbucks in Hamburg}

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Brissa said...

perhaps i need you talk you a bit more, but can you please tell me why you're having an adventure of a lifetime in germany!?