Friday, April 8, 2011

Beach Day

yesterday I kidnapped my best friend Rachel when she got off work for a fun date in Galveston.
here are the highlights:

Eating at The Spot!
One of my favorite restaurants ever! Best fries ever! Amazing veggie burgers too, but I decided to go with the fried pickles since I've been craving fried pickles for a few months now.
seriously if you are ever in Galveston, I highly recommend this restaurant. amazing food, super cool building. one of my favs.

+ Spinning in circles on the beach, flapping our arms like birds & having the lifeguard think we were drunk.

+ Laughing till we cried sitting on the beach, talking about old memories.

+ Playing soccer on the beach until our feet were blood red from kicking so hard.

+ almost hitting a couple that was making out with our soccer ball.. Did I mention the girl had her shirt off..? & no bathing suit. She was laying on her stomach most of the time we were there while her boyfriend rubbed her back & got a little too touchy feely.. This isn't the Jersey Shore! Get a room!

+ Getting Ben & Jerry's.

+ The facebook status war we had when we got to her house.
Just trust me, always sign out of your facebook.


+ Using an entire tank of gas in one day. Seriously, gas is expensive these days.

thats about it because yesterday was amazing


you traveled out to sea with a heart so wild and free but your biting on the hooks of the doubters dirty looks
Bearded Lady
i'm diggin my beard in this one
Ben & Jerry's

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