Friday, January 14, 2011


For the first time I can really say, THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY!
Early mornings have been kicking my butt with this nannying (is that even a word?) job.
Ready for the weekend!
Lots of fun will ensue with my partner in crime (Rachel)
(although I don't know how much fun I can have with a giant fever blister taking over my face! UGH!)
Here is a little bit of inspiration that's getting me through my Friday to the weekend.
maybe they can help you.
for a giggle,

if people are getting you down just be like..
I've been so inspired by decor lately!
If you guys know any websites with a lot of beautiful interior decor pictures please share!

I just love everything about this picture below. It makes me want birds. It makes me want to break out a film camera too... :( now I'm remembering that my Holga is broken... Ugh. Now I'm sad again..
Oh to spend a Summer in Paris!
One day I will.
Trust me,
I will!

And everyone needs a little music inspiration

Gosh, that song takes my soul to new heights! Also can you believe all this bull about the changing signs?? I don't really believe in all that stuff... Well not completely.. BUT I am glad I'm still an Aquarius. Alright, Happy Friday! Have fun this weekend! Cant wait to read everyones weekend posts of the fun stuff they did this weekend. I must go. Malachi is teething & he is chewing on the furniture... oh the glamour that is my life.

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