Monday, December 20, 2010

The Countdown starts... unfortunately...

1 month & 28 days
That's all I have left.
No, not all I have left to live.
But it feels like it.
My birthday is in one month & twenty eight days.
So many kids rush toward this birthday.
The big one eight.
The age of "adulthood".
But if there is one thing I've learn in my almost eighteen years is that age is just a number.
It doesn't make you an adult anymore than playing the guitar makes you Taylor Swift.
But for some reason I do feel like my childhood is coming to an end.
Its a depressing thought & makes me want to cry.
I've always thought I grew up fast,
That I've been taking care of myself for awhile.
at the age of sixteen I had almost complete freedom.
I worked very hard to earn my mothers trust at a young age & I honestly did my best to not brake that.
She believed I was mature enough to make my own decisions & that I understood the consequences.
At seventeen I started paying my own rent.
I make my own decision,
I work hard for the things I have,
I take care of myself.
But the idea of actually being 'on my own'.
of actually having to 'take care of myself' because I'm an adult & that's what I 'have' to do...
Its a horrible thought.
I've loved my childhood.
I don't want to grow up.

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