Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

Spent the weekend with Rachie!
My adopted niece ;) tell me she isn't adorable! Go ahead! Try!
I always eat so well there! You have no idea! Its like homemade food heaven! Me & Rach busted out our aprons & made some steak tacos. It was D-LISH!
So Saturday night I was sitting on Rachel's bed staring at her room & I realized, 'Holy Crap! Her room is amazing!'.
I grew up in this room. In fact a lot, maybe even most, of the words written on these walls are by me. Its like when you grow up around something you don't see the extremely brilliance of it anymore!
So decided to share a little preview of it.

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Kenziefaith said...

That picture of your niece is so so so cute!!

KF x