Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life, as of the first three days of September

I don't want to blog about meaninglessness but I'm trying to become a better blogger & the first step is to always blog even when i don't think anyone will be interested.

so here goes.

- I'm sick, & have been for over a week now.
- My bosses are moving into their new home, which I've been helping with.
- Today was my first day off in forever!
- My mom is out of town for the weekend, left today.
- I only have $20 dollars in my wallet.. Well.. less than that now I got lost on the way home & had to pay to get off the toll road -_- I need some money for sure.
- I'm hungry.
- Every single one of my friends are pulling me in a million different directions & I'm not a freakin robot & cant be there for EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME! I've tried it, Its impossible. Just cause I don't see you everyday doesn't mean I hate you, it means I have a life.
- I really want to spend the rest of my weekend (after I get off tomorrow) at my bff (I hate that term but.. oh well.) Rachel's but I don't have a puppy sitter for little Harley boy. Plus I feel bad about just leaving him here without his grandma.
- The only person I really really want to talk to is on a completely different time zone than me. Which means it is 9:30am here.. 11:30am there & he's still not up... Which means I'm going to be up all night talking to him, & I have work at 7am in the morning.. & I don't wake up to alarms... & my mom isn't here to wake me... which means.. a LOT of Monsters...

& that is all for Brooke's fun & exciting life times..
Check in later for an update on the sleepless nanny that worked a twelve hour shift... sounds like its a making for a horror film

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