Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I was a good blogger once, what happened?

The last few days I've been meaning to post this but..
life has got me by the balls right now.
No, I don't actually have balls.
& Yes, I know that was a bit inappropriate but I'm stressed out, so I'm in one of those moods where i don't care, hehe.
So I heard this song months ago.
It randomly came on the radio & it caught my ear & i fell in love.
I never listen to songs on the radio I don't know, its instinct to just change it to a song I know, to sing along to so it had to be amazing!
I wrote a little note on my phone to look it up when I got home but...
somehow that note got deleted.
Well Saturday on my way home it started playing & i remembered it & flipped out.
This time I DID look it up when I got home & its been playing on repeat ever since.
It my favorite song right now.
& I VERY seldom have favorite songs.

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