Monday, October 5, 2009

I did it again...

I let my blogging get away from me...
Well I have good news!
Bryce hasn't left for the military yet.
In my other blog I totally posted something about how he hurt his wrist.
Well it looks like he sprained it so he wont be leaving till the day before my birthday (Feb 17th).
Yeah... great birthday present... haha
But I think it'll be fine.
He will be here for his birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day and our five month anniversary so he will be home for a lot.
Only problem is his home is like 23 hours away :(
but we have some plans that will hopefully be fallen through with for the next couple of months.
I really hope he gets to come down here.
I got to meet some many of his friends and family,
I hope to get to share the same thing with him.
Plus he has never seen the ocean!
I'd love to take him to the beach!
So on another note,
my camera is broken :(
I'm working on getting another one.
I hate not being able to post pictures with my blogs.
But don't worry.
So the other day I totally spent the night at Rach's and we played in the rain...
Just like old times.
I've missed her..
I also got to meet her new niece :)

{this is a picture that I took on my phone, look how cute she is}

baby London.
So gorgeous.
Besides that I've just been sitting at home talking to boyfriend all the time.
Last night we talked for six and a half straight hours.
It completely made my day.
We are actually talking right now..
A lot of people say that long distance relationships don't work but to be completely honest,
I couldn't be happier than I am with him, with someone who actually lived here.
We make it work,
and I'm so happy.

{I miss him so much}

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