Monday, September 28, 2009


Yes guys.

I fell in love in Utah.

I don't even know what it was...

Maybe all the nights he would stay up with me looking at the stars.

Or how he was an amazing friend to me no matter what.

Or the fact that he seriously treats me better than anyone ever has.

His hugs, or his smile.

Or how he was extremely romantic without even trying.

Or how I could talk to him about anything.

How he finds the stupid things I do funny.

Or how he became my best friend after knowing him for like two days.
Or how no matter what we did, it was always the best times I'd ever had.
I could go on about him forever but I think that you guys would probably want to shoot me.

you guys are probably like,
Brooke! He lives in Utah!
What the heck?

Yes he does.
He is going into the military.
In fact Wednesday he is leaving for basic training :/
It is going to be so hard.
And its really going to be a challenge.
The only way to contact him is through letters
(which I'm very excited about! I've been wanting to write people letters for awhile. In fact before I went to Utah me and frankie were planning on becoming pen pals but it never really took off because we talked on the phone everyday anyways)
But we are going to go through things that most relationships never experience.
I think we are going to be just fine. :)
after he gets done with that he will hopefully be stationed in Texas.
And I will get to go see him all the time.
I never thought I would be dating a military guy.
I didn't even WANT to like him!
I tried to avoid it so much.

When I came to Utah I could wait to meet all of frankie and her families friends and family down there.
One of those people were Bryce.
The first time I met him I noticed he was the exact kind of person I LOVED to be around.
Hilarious, fun, good looking (haha), and the BEST personality.
Somehow we just hit it off as friends and talked and hung out all the time.
He eventually told me his feelings for me and ended up asking me out.
Which he didn't want to do until he got back from basic, but I'm so happy he did!
It was perfect.
So I now have a boyfriend.
Who is amazing.
and I couldn't be happier
even though he is going to basic which is 1,001 miles away from me for the next few months.
He really is awesome.
and I cant wait for him to get to Texas!

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