Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's get rich and build our house on a mountain, makin everybody look like ants...

{Me and boyfriend}
Haven't blogged a lot... again...
My life hasn't been very busy lately.
Just keeping in contact with my Bryce.
Staying at home, exercising, TRYING to get on a normal sleep schedule.
I've gone to Rach's a couple of times but that's pretty much all I've done since I've got home.
Just trying to get unpacked.
I've gotten rid of so much of my things.
I'm really loving the saying "out with the old, in with the new" lately.
I actually lost all my pictures, videos, contacts and EVERYTHING on my phone :/
My phone finally gave out.
But they gave me a shiny new one :)
only problem is I only have a fourth of my contacts back.
On a lighter note tomorrow I'm going to a Muse/U2 concert with my lovie, Rach :)
Should be fun!
I'm very excited!
ALSO! Tomorrow will be mine and Bryce's one month anniversary.
I cant believe its been a month.
Many more months to come :)

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