Monday, August 24, 2009


Exactly a week ago I jumped on a plane to come visit my loves
(the Tina, Frankie and Cory part of the Stokes family).
My mother and Cody (another member of the Stokes family), saw me off at the airport.
It was a long two plane rides...
and I had a lay over in Phoenix AZ and I almost didn't get on my second flight because for some reason they didn't have anymore room on the plane...?
and they were switching peoples flights.
But I kinda made the lady up front feel bad so she let me pre-board :)
I arrived in the Salt Lake airport so happy and giddy.
When I saw Frankie I completely attacked her with a huge hug.
In a week I've seen the entire city of Price (where they live)
met all of Frankie's friends here.
Not to mention the whole football team (Frankie decided to be a football manager, haha!)
I've played fugitive (I game I never stopped hearing about with the Stokes lived in Texas).
Hurt my knee while playing it (so worth it),
Met there great grandparents (SUCH nice people!)
Went to the museum with Frankie and dug up plastic dinosaurs (hehe)
Jumped in the canal with all my clothes on with Frankie,
and experienced a lot of Frankie's favorite things about this cute little town.

So far my favorite part is the weather.
I've been getting up with Frankie when she gets ready for school and going for a run after she leaves.
There is no humidity and its nice and breezy.
This last week has held so many laughs and good times.
I cant WAIT to see what this one holds...

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