Sunday, August 23, 2009


I feel like such a horrible person...
its been forever since I've blogged...
and SO MUCH has happened...

Well my first weekend home I spend with Rachel.
It was lovely.
We had a candle lite dinner on our balcony.
Then went to see a movie at 2 in the morning,
then slept in and went shopping at the galleria all day.
Then I ended up cutting my own bangs.
I watched "Meet me in St. Louis" for the first time ever with Rachel (I'm addicted)
We laid under the stars,
went to youth.

I went to Chelsea.
She just got her license
went to see "RENT!" at SOCP for the dress rehearsal.
It was SO awesome seeing it before it opened.
we made our friend Emily a birthday card out of a pizza box.

had a picnic with Jacob and Chelsea.
Went to Emily's pool/birthday party
reunited with the old fab five crew (I miss them SO MUCH)
I came home,
watched "A Walk To Remember" for the first time in years and cried like a baby.
Went to see Cody play!
He did SO AMAZING!!!!
the next day I woke up and got ready for my plan ride to UTAH!!!
We picked up Cody on the way and he saw me off.
I'm thankful he did because me and my mom would NOT have gotten through the airport without him. ha!

I'll finish the Utah story in my next blog :)

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