Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Utah Part 2

So I've now been in Utah two weeks and a day.
I'm having such a great time!
People keep asking me if I'm ready to come home yet or when I'm coming home,
The truth is I'm not quite sure if I am ready to go home yet..
I probably should figure that out!
Here are some highlights from this past week and a day:
1. Last Monday I decided to go for a run and I ended up running around the whole town of Price, by myself, without my phone... and it got dark and I got lost... I was embarrassed.
2. Experienced the wonders of eating "inside" at a Sonic
3. Having a movie night with Tina, Bryce, and Carson.
4. Figuring out that Tina's oven will only cook things if you turn it on high.. the hard way.
5. Fixed everyone dinner
6. Two and a half hours on a bus ride with Frankie and the Carbon High School football team on a way to an away game.
7. When the ball fumbled straight to my foot and about 50 football players were running toward me and EVERYONE was staring at me.
8. Going to my first Durby at the fairgrounds in Price.
9. Watching "Dora the Explorer" with Frankie (funniest experience ever!)
10. Watching "17 Again" again, and again... and again...
and the absolutely favorite thing about this week:
Throwing a football around with Jake and Frankie last night in Washington park at 10:30 at night
here are a few pictures of my time in Utah so far:
Down by the swing.
We tried to make a fire..
didn't work out that well
Eating INSIDE at sonic with Frankie
We love each other... kinda ha
Frankie in front of Carbon
Me at football practice
Me and Frankie at football practice... I still cant believe she decided to be a manager hahaha.
She only did it for the gorgeous guys!
Me, Frankie and Liz in the boys locker room
Me swinging at the park
at the away game with Frankie and Liz
Like I said, she is only in it for the guys!
This is what she does instead of getting the players water..
Me and Frankie at the durby.. She didn't want her picture taken that day
The durby
and again

Frankie never realized her garage door was yellow before

Kenny swinging. He's a BAMF

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