Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dear Frankie,

remember that time when your parents left us home alone at your house for a week and in that week we got
lost your dog
dressed up in your brothers clothes and pretended to be guys (Bud & Johnny)
found your dog
had a photo shoot
made you look exactly like Cody
went to walmart at all hours of the night
walked around walmart with double D bra's on over our shirts
you broke the air condition by turning it in the 40's
rocked out to music at all hours and got yelled at by your neighbors
you did my hair while I tried to figure out Halo and made me feel like a movie star
you shared your tooth brush with me because I was too tired to move from the hallway?
Oh and that's nothing!
remember all the times we laughed so hard at nothing?
and when we used to dance in the rain?
and we invented finger clapping?
And how we celebrated our anniversary in Galveston?
And how you taught me to play that future game?
And how we used to dream of moving to New York together?
including having matching dogs and matching cars?
remember when we used to eat tons of watermelon?
and when we went to java jazz to see Cody play and we slow danced to hardcore rock music and everyone stared?
and when you introduced me as Cody's wife to the band and they started to believe you?
And when we got in paint fights at my house?
When we danced and sang around the camp fire in Galveston?
When I turned on the jets on our bubble bath and we got the WHOLE bathroom soaked!?
And when you broke my sunglasses with your butt?
When you invented the phrase "double hand holding, we are so best friends!"?
When Cody made up that phrase "high five for being alive" when we almost got into a wreck (that has nothing to do with me and you but it is still hilarious!)?
and that one time when you said "people need to use how to learn there brains"?
When we kept saying "God loves you. But the rest of us think your an asshole"?
When SOMEONE took away my necklace I used to always wear and you gave me your cross one, which I still, to this day only take off to take showers?
How we would always cuddle?
How somehow by morning you would always end up on top of me?
When we snuck out after my mother told us not to leave and walked around the neighborhood behind my apartment and decided it smelt like decaying bodies and ran all the way home?
When we would stay up all night talking and we kept say "okay, lets go to sleep" and ten minutes later we would be talking again?
I remember all these things.
And I miss you terribly.
I cant wait to visit you in Utah!
I know Utah is probably the best place for you right now but is it selfish that I want you to come live in my closet?
I ALWAYS have the best times with you!
I hate not seeing you every weekend.


she is going to punch me for saying her full name on here.
at least I left out her first name ;)
and if you really want to go back in time remember before the last time you moved back to Utah and me, you, and Rachel had a sleepover and I asked you to "trim" me hair.
And I went from hair almost to my butt that was all one length to hair to my shoulders and bangs?
That was the best.

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