Thursday, July 30, 2009


Frankie just reminded me of a few things I left out.
Like Imagination Land.
Were we seriously sat there for hours and just made up this island and roasted marshmellows on our beach and had a tree house.
And when we hardcore jammed to 3OH!3 on the beach and everyone stared.
And all the million times we watched "Across The Universe".
and all the times we walked down to the bay.
especially the time when Frankie almost killed herself climbing across what was left of the bridge from the hurricane and took my phone to take pictures of the bird-watch that got destroyed and then she deleted them and it made me and Rachel SO MAD. haha
and when they had a memorial reef on this wooden post because someone died there and Frankie didn't know what it was so she kicked it super high in the air and I was like "Frankie, you know that was for a dead person, right?" so she had to fish it out of the water and we felt real bad.
haha the best of times!

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