Thursday, July 30, 2009

"can i be the girl you meet in the coin laundry?"

I'm tired of being away from home.
Well, a little update,
I am currently at my grandmothers house.
And not enjoying it as much as I normally do.
Nothing to do with my grandparents.
It has just been raining ever since I've been here.
I miss my friends,
And my friends miss me and its getting harder and harder for them to say I miss you everyday.
I really haven't been home longer than a couple of days since June 10th.
I just want to get home so I can wash and repack all my clothes,
Hang out with Cody.
Have one of me and Rachel's FAMOUS hippie sleepovers.
Plus go see "Public Enemy's AND Harry Potter (I promised).
Meet Scottie (both a good friend of Frankie's and Rachel's that I've never met) who is down from Utah for a visit.
Go to my friend Emily's sweet 16 birthday party/ sleepover.
See "Rent" at my old theatre (its going to have a lot of my friends in it and my old theatre is one of the first places that got the rights to it since its not on Broadway anymore, its bond to be an amazing show!)
FINALLY get my permit!
HOPEFULLY get my belly button pierced (I'm bond to chicken out)
Go to Youth and see all my friends that I've been missing and enjoy the church that I've missed.
Go to Cody's show (I hate missing his shows, I already had to miss one that he had the night we drove out here)
And then turn right around and catch a plane to Utah and stay out there with Frankie for a month before she starts school :(
This Summer has been so busy.
For those of you who have heard me speak of Frankie before on my blog and are confused to why I'm visiting her in UTAH!
Her, her mother and brother (Cory) moved back down to Utah.
And Cody stayed here in Texas.
Along with her little Brother, Christopher (who is just the cutest thing).
So I cant wait to go visit her and see Cory and Tina (there mom) who I've missed and get to meet all of her childhood friends!

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