Sunday, May 17, 2009

PROM! -ish

So its prom season.
for most girls anyway,
I was a sophmore this year so no prom for me,
and i'm homeschooled so double no prom for me.
and next year when all my friends are going to there junior prom,
I hopefully will be taking or would've already taken my test to get my high school diploma early.
Some of you may have had an awesome prom experience and be saying "aww.. poor girl!"
and some of you may have had a horrible night or simply not believe in the whole "prom experience" and are probably saying "good for her!"
I don't really know how I feel about prom...
I used to think (and still do, mostly) that it is dumb event that girls use to spend way too much money on dresses, shoes, bags, make up, hair, and nails, trying to feel gorgeous and trying to out-do other girls and guys pretty much use to get there girlfriends in bed at the end of the night (no offense to the guys who don't feel that way, that was directed to the the majority of you not ALL of you).
Also a lot of bitterness comes from the fact that I cant do that kind of dancing,
I kinda embarrass myself.
and I've also been known to step on a partners feet occasionally.
I can barely two step.
I'd take ballet barre over that any day (and I hate doing ballet barre's!)
BUT, when I found these two dresses I changed my mind...
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The blue one would probably look better with my brunette hair but itsn't the white one just GORGEOUS!


who doesn't want to feel like a princess for a night :)

and where else would I wear these?

So any of my guy friends that need a last mintues date to prom next year, and don't want to take there sister or second cousin two times removed.


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