Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reason #237, I love Rachel...

(yes, that is our faces in there bodies.)
five minutes ago I was laying on Rach's bed (where I still am)
as she started one of her rants (which are quite fun to listen too.)

RACH: Dude! We need to do something! Something amazing and excited. We need to party on.
*at this point I stopped typing a message I was writing to our other best friend and our third musketeer, and look at her dead in the face. For we knew what each other was thinking*
RACH & ME: (in perfect unison) "Wayne's World! Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent"
*by the time we got to "excellent" we were both laughing so hard we couldn't stand or sit up straight*

and this is why I love bestie,
we so perfectly read each others minds.
and now i'm off to watch "Wayne's World".

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