Thursday, April 30, 2009

over the weekend and so on

so this weekend was super busy.
I planned on keeping you updated through the whole weekend,
but.. I got busy and a lot of stuff happened.
so I'll try to give you a quick update of what went down
First off I started the weekend with Chelsea,

We went to the Sylvan Beach parade.

Where I saw this sexy car

Then we went to the Sylvan beach festival,
Where we had a rad time
We saw SO MANY of our friends and rode this one ride over and over again (cause it was basically the only ride I would ride, ha.)
She ended up getting a fish there :D
Which we named Stabastian.
A mixture of Stan, and Sebastian (i think that's how you spell it..)
we were with them when we got it.
other highlights of the day:
1. I hadn't slept at ALL and I was so tired I was kind of out of it.
2. It rained, and we danced in the rain.
3. We tried to hide from Chelsea's parents.
4. Sue drove us :D we are all growing up too fast!
5. the picture below

6. and finally the ride below, and the poor kid who threw up on it (yes, me and Chelsea witnessed it. Quite disturbing)


I spent the night with Frankie :D

we had a radical time!

her cousins who just moved here came over and also spent the night.

We had an awesome night!


I stayed the night with Rachel...

and she introduced me to a little movie called "Charlie Bartlett".

I HIGHLY recommend it.

I laughed my butt off!



It was intense.

I love youth,

I wish we could have it everyday.

Plus me and Frankie ended up getting of few snap shots before we left.


the people above are awesome

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