Saturday, April 25, 2009

scary, scary, night.

So me and John went to rehearsal and I was quite impressed with the amount of work we got done.
During rehearsal it started raining and the lights went out,
but only for about a minutes.
John took me home.
The weather was horrible.
it took us two hours to get home!
We went through hail and high water.
At one point the water was half way up the front of his car almost to his windshield.
We went and sat at exxon, then crossed the street to "Jack in the Box"
and got food, and sat in the parking lot.
His laptop died so that source of entertainment was gone.
He found a "Sponge-bob Square Pants" book in the back of his car, we read the first chapter and did the voice's (well.. I did Sandy and he did Patrick and Sponge-Bob)
When the water went down a little, we were off again.
That poor car,
It almost died in the middle of the roads/ should I say LAKE'S!
By the time we made it to my house he had a pond for a floorboard.
We soaked it up with towels.
Then he proceeded to play my pink acoustic.
Nice little reunion for him.
He used to play it all the time when we lived in the same house.
It was kinda fun but not something I'm planning to do again in the near future
So John
thanks for not killing me, despite the fact that I kept telling you we we're going to die.
thanks for having a little picnic with me in your car
thanks for reading the sponge-bob book with me and doing the voice's.
but mostly thanks for thanks for getting me home safely!
I love you

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