Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just another day in paradise

another day of fallen through plans...
and its SUCH a gorgeous day out too.
its okay though...
I think I'm gonna finish my work around the house
then go for a run
study for my drivers test tomorrow
work out some more
work on choreography for "Godspell"
around 8:30 my mom said she'd bring me home food on her way home from work
tthheeennnn SLEEP!
I need some sleep.
I didn't sleep at all last night.
I'm exhausted. But I'm not going to take a nap because I wont be able to go to bed tonight.
and I need a good rest tonight.
So finally Brooke will join the life of sunshine!
good, my neighbors probably think I'm a vampire.
Only coming out at night, sleeping all day. But I work better at night. I sleep better during the day. haha
I have the house all to myself today :)
just the way I like it.
So the possibilities are endless.
ha, although I probably wont do anything interesting..
ugh, I'm to tired too.
although I may let the stray cat in.
He runs around our neighborhood and he is just the sweetest most adorable thing!
I once let im in and he laid in my lap for an hour and watched tv with me!
my mother doesn't want me to let him in.
She just doesn't want me to get attached and want to keep him.
hehe, I cant let him stay outside... that's just not... christian of me :)
Have a WONDERFUL day guys!

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