Saturday, April 18, 2009

Storms, and lazy days

aww... what a stormy useless day.
I was suppose to go to a friends (Rachel) house, but her mother isn't feeling well and to be honest NO ONE wants to get out in this yucky weather. Then I was going to go with a friend to see a show tonight but she parked on the lowest level of a parking garage, and her car got water in it. :( so she probably wasn't going to go. And THEN I was talking to Frankie and Cory (two of my really good friends) on the phone and they were like "hey, come over here to our house". And I was like "yeah! I'll just ask my mom." And I went to wake her up from her nap.. but I kinda fell asleep with her in the process. We had a good nap. But then we woke up kinda late, and she had no way she could drive me to there house in time, because she was going to see a play with her friends and she had to get ready. So that was another plan out the window! haha. (oh, how I need a car) Oh well, tomorrow me and Frankie are going to try again. And Monday I'm gonna go chill with Rachel, like I always do on Monday. So ALAS! I shall see my friends! I'm currently watching "Happy Go Lucky". I love there little accents! Oh! and also, I've been wanting to be a vegetarian since... EVER! But I have iron deficiency anemia (along with every other kinda anemia). And because of that my mother and doctor has forced me to eat meat my whole life. But now my mom says as long as I take my iron pills I can do whatever I like. I haven't eaten meat for a whole week so I think I can officially call myself a vegetarian. :D yay! no more dead animals!

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