Sunday, September 25, 2011


Dear bloggers,
I genuinely apologize for my long absence.
My life has been full of crazy adventures and exciting people, but its also been filled with crappy internet access, no internet access and computer problems... but... I'M BACK!!!
So the last place I left off on this blog was over two months ago, the day I left for Ethiopia.
I feel bad for not keeping you wonderful people undated but I was in a third World country, where internet access is pretty much non-resistant.
today I will be updating you in bulk of everything up into this point that has been going on through a serious of posts!
excuse me for blowing up your news feed, I'll try not to go too crazy!
Ethiopia was a big part of my these last almost three month absence but instead of giving you a play by play of what happened there, I'd like to talk to you first more about the people I encountered along the way because without these people Ethiopia would have just been a really crappy vacation.

so here we go...

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