Monday, September 26, 2011

Herrnhut Germany // Graduation

So after over 20 hours of traveling we arrived back to Germany for the end of our DTS (Discipleship Training School).
We had a week of lectures and debriefs just preparing us for re-entry and going back home.
Then we had our graduation.
The last two weeks in Germany was a very bittersweet time with my new family.
I've lived with, cried with, laughed with, and learned with these people.
We became a unit that I'll never forget.

Now that my DTS is over, looking back at these six months seem like a dream.
I'd like to write something extremely insightful, something embodying how much I've grown and changed during this DTS but words fail me at this moment.
No words can explain what has happened to me...
If you want to know, I guess you'll just have to do one for yourself all I can tell you is it was the
But also is just the beginning...
something that launched me into this new future I'm embarking on with a right mindset, strong foundation and so much encouragement and support and the realization that with God, i really can change the World

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