Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ethiopia: The Koshe Girls

Before I left for Ethiopia I posted a video about the Koshe Project here on the blog.
Before going I had a fantasy of how this project swooped in and saved these poor girls but I realized it wasn't like this at all.
These girls were smart capable young women and this project simple gave them the opportunity to save themselves, which they are more than capable of doing.
These girls are more strong then I could ever be and I admire them so much.
Me and another girl from my team were the two that consistently worked with the project while the rest of our team had different ministries and I quickly realized that this wasn't the last time I could see these girls.
I currently am wanting to go back to Ethiopia as soon as I can get the support and its all because of these girls...
These girls taught me that your condition and your past shouldn't effect your future.
These girls went from a garbage dumb, and no hopes and dreams to wanting to be future presidents and wanting to change their World, and I really believe they can do it.

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