Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Missions in Ethiopia

Dear everyone.
I cant believe in a little less than a month I will be leaving for Ethiopia.
I'm so excited!
We filed for our visa this week!
I found out our trip will be 1750 Euro, which is closer to 2,500 something in USD.
As a photography student it stinks that my camera died, the camera I need is pretty expensive and I don't even have my outreach money yet.
I also have to get a few shots and a new hiking backpack, but my outreach fee's come before all this.
Looking at the 1,750 price tag on my outreach along with the fact I HAVE to get shots, life at times look very discouraging.
Sometimes I don't know why I am here.
I am the type of person that you get the money THEN you go do God's will,
but I'm learning if you will just follow God, in his timing everything will follow.
He continues to amaze me with the way he has provided for the people around me.
Whether they come back to the castle with an envelope on their bed full of money, or the money is just magically in their bank account, less than an hour before they HAVE to turn it in.
God continues to provide for other people and I know he wants to do the same for me.
In less than four weeks I am suppose to be hopping on a plane and jetting off the Ethiopia...
and I have no IDEA how I am going to get the money.
and at times I want to give up and just pack up and go home.
that would be better than having to ask people for their money...
but then I watch this video...
this video is one of the projects we are going to be working with while in Ethiopia.

these girls smiles make me want to strive even harder to meet them.
Meet their families, help their siblings and friends...

if you'd like to help me get to Ethiopia you can donate here,

also if you'd like to mail me something, anything! a letter! or whatever my address is:
Brooke Akins
Untere dorfstr. 56

its always a good day when I get mail!
but I wouldn't recommend you mail anything after next week because sometimes it takes awhile for the mail to get here and I wouldn't want it to get here after I leave.

thank you guys for your help.
even if you cant donate, prayers HELP, encouraging words HELP, love HELPS!

with love,

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rue. said...

i feel the need to write you a letter. we could be pen pals.