Thursday, July 7, 2011


I know this is a bit late but this past weekend one of my really amazing friends by the name of Polly decided to go home for the weekend.
Polly lives in Landshut, its an eight hour train trip from Herrnhut.
She is a really good German friend I made while living in Herrnhut doing this DTS (Discipleship Training School) and also one of my roommates.
When she asked me if I wanted to go home with her for the weekend I was like "umm... YES!"
It was a last minute decision, which are my favorite kind ;)
I had so much fun over the weekend!
We were mostly at her church and hanging out with her family.
Her family was the sweetest family I had ever seen....
I was so in love with the place and her friends and family I never wanted to leave.
I got to practice my German which was fun and enjoy a nice bicycle ride through the woods and this little village to this river which was one of my highlights.
If I wasn't using my friends camera I would've risked trying to film it while I was riding my bike, but I had strict instruction NOT to brake her camera. Dang.
It was so amazing how she shared all her favorite places with me.
It was a weekend to remember.
The only bad thing about the trip was visiting a Bavarian beer garden and not being able to drink a Bavarian beer!
Oh DTS rules... so silly.
When I told her brother I had never had a Bavarian beer before he exclaimed "that's a sin!". I wish he'd explain that to my leaders...
But in all seriousness I definitely plan to visit after my school so I can visit the castle and also take more pictures!
.. and finally get that Bavarian beer

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