Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mini Outreach: Tuesday

Tuesday I went to a tuberculosis hospital were I went into the children's wing and played with them. Not all the children had TB. The hospitals are so corrupt that sometimes the doctors even tell the parents that the child has TB so they can keep them there and get their money. There were these adorable little girls there with their cute little brother, they didn't have TB. We played with them a lot. the girls had shaved heads because when they got to the hospital their lice was so bad. It took one of the girls almost an hour to warm up to us and start playing with us instead of laying in the fetal position in her bed facing the wall. These kids were brought to the hospital by their mother because they were extremely malnourished. The doctor nursed them back to health and the mother never came back to get them. They are probably going to be sent to an orphanage. If they would've fit in my pockets, I would've taken them home with me. They were the cutest kids and so amazing.
We also got kicked out. haha
its okay though, we didn't do anything wrong there was just this crazy lady & the hospital wasn't mad at us.
Its a great story to tell my future kids though, & I think it was funny to tell people I got kicked out of a hospital

pictures by the insanely talented Rebecca Lozano who I feel blessed to be around

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