Sunday, May 15, 2011

nothing like me when I'm sick to kill the mood

This morning I woke up sick.
Like earth shattering, sore throat, entire body aching sick.
I thought, hmmm... perfect opportunity to lay in bed, be lazy and blog...
but then I realized a few things.

Brooke's Sick Characteristics:
- More impatient than usual. And not just a little cranky stomping when someone is taking a little longer than I would like
I mean, crying because my internet is being slow, instead of just getting up and going to the other room where I have perfect connection.

- I am more cranky in the morning. I don't care if I've already been up for 30 minutes... your voice is loud and annoying and other people are sleeping so I have no problem telling you to shut up.

- more of a picky eater. I only want the foods I cant have such as chocolate and all the other sweets you shouldn't eat while being ill and I refuse to eat any peasant food such as BREAD or anything else you try to give me. I don't mind making ugly faces, and I don't care if I cant take those pain pills on an empty stomach. I want what I want.

so maybe I should just go back to sleep and rid the World of my sicky self until I am feeling better

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