Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mini Outreach

Aww.... Herrnhut! I've been living here for six weeks! Can you believe it? I cant! Isn't Herrnhut such a cute town!? Europe is so beautiful... at times sketchy but always entertaining! Its so fun how even walking to the grocery store can become an adventure. Like today me and Rachel decided to take a new way home and ended up lost in the woods and found this little hiding place deep in the woods that was... really creepy but extremely awesome at the same time. It was like a petrified forest... This is completely off the subject of why I wrote this blog.. I get distracted so easily.. ANYWAYS! Tomorrow I leave for my mini outreach! I am going to..... (drum roll please) ROMANIA! I'm very excited! My group definitely is the best group of people to spend a week with, I would say. we have Josh, the comedian. Becca, the photographer/ artist who collects dead things and is one of the most awesome/interesting people you will ever meet. Julian, the World travel from New Zealand. Simon, the Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator. Lydia, the gorgeous German headbanger. Mich, the fact finder.. and the one who loves to prove anything you say wrong. & then we have our leaders Kaci & Caleb or are awesome and laid back. Talk about an awesome outreach :)
We are going to be working in children hospitals and with sick and poor children.
I'm so excited!
But I wish time wasn't flying by so fast!

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