Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear father,

I never met you.
Not that I care.
I've heard the stories about you,
how my mother loved you & never knew you had someone else.
How despite the fact you told her you wanted to her to have an abortion, when she told you she wasn't going to you actually wanted her to name me Cristina/ Christopher after you (your name being Christopher), even though you had no intention on sticking around.
I've had my mother tell me all my life "He was a nice guy. He was just young & scared".
I love her for that, she doesn't want me to hate you.
She doesn't want me to live with the burden of having hatred in my heart for the man that help make me.
& I don't.
I feel sorry for you.

Your daughter is smart, because her mother raised her that way.
Your daughter is beautiful, because she looks just like her mother.
Your daughter wants to give up her life to help people in need, because her mother taught her to always give, even when you have nothing.
Your daughter surrounds herself with awesome people, because her mother taught her what a real friend is.
Your daughter is independent, because her mother taught her how to be & encouraged her to be her own person.
Your daughter is amazing, because she takes after her mother.
& you don't even know.

It sucks to be you.
You weren't even needed, I turned out better than I would've if you were around I think.
So thanks for being an a-hole.
I like who I am, & if you were around, I would've been someone else.
I'm the lucky one, your the one that got the short end of the stick.
You never got to meet me.

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Kenzie said...

Wow this was really emotional and lovely!