Friday, April 15, 2011

Day Four

Day Four:
today started as a beautiful day.
as you will see in the pictures below we went to see this awesome statue on the top of this mountain!


but while we were taking these lovely photo's & exploring the beauty of Germany, someone was breaking into Mich's car & stealing Rach's purse.
Luckily her passport was still at Mich's house & her phone & camera was with her but 400 dollars, her i.d. & debit card are gone.
Whoever took it, I hope you pee blood.
We went to the police station & filed a report. The police were nice, even though the didn't speak English.

after that excitement we went to Michel's (Mich) church were they had a little going away party for him.
One of the guys told Rachel about her purse "shit happens" & the pastors son stood on top of the church & flipped his friends off.
Needless to say I laughed a lot tonight & it made up for the meanie.
I wish I knew German because most of the people tonight didn't speak very good English or were too embarrassed to try.
But it was still fun & we all did our best to communicate with each other.


Now you are caught up with what I've been doing!
Tomorrow we leave for DTS!
Its a six hour drive to Herrnhut but it should make for a fun roadtrip!
No offense to the people I've met so far but I'm very excited to be back with people who know English as there first language.

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