Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Dear Future Husband,
Here are a few things I can promise you

- I promise you I will joke about how much of a catch I am & how lucky you are to have me, but deep down inside I will be wondering why the heck you picked me!

- I can promise I will complain when you leave the toilet seat up, I have a phobia of touching the toilet seat & putting it back down involves touching.

- I can promise I will always be on your side

- I promise to never let OUR room get as messy as mine is right now.

- I promise to make you pasta & spaghetti even though I hate it.

- I promise to be mad at you if you don't kiss me goodnight

- I promise to never give you a reason not to trust me

- I promise to always be excited when you get home, even if we are in an argument

- I promise to convince you to take out the trash & occasionally put the dishes in the dishwasher

- I promise I'll be over dramatic sometimes, especially when its that time of the month. Feel free to turn your head from me & laugh really hard when I start crying over something dumb like my finger nail polish not being the right color when I painted it on as I thought it was going to be when I bought it, but when I'm on that kind of emotional rollercoaster, you may even want to leave the room to chuckle at my over dramaticness, to save yourself from an even more stupid & emotional fueled rant

- I Promise my job of your best friend will always come first, even before my job as your wife.

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