Thursday, January 20, 2011


I cant find my battery charger!
I lost my Sony's battery charger, my holga brakes & I just used my last instax mini picture I had & don't feel like paying twenty something bucks for a roll of film that takes 10 pictures OR driving 40 minutes across town to go the the ONLY camera store around here that sells it.
Although I shouldn't be talking I'm like the laziest person in the World & have barely gotten out of bed this week enjoying my nice week off! I have to make a trip to the post office that's LONG over due tomorrow(Sorry Michele your headband is on its way!!!)
in happy camera news, on Saturday I am getting this beautiful baby, with tons of film!

& for my birthday (fingers crossed) I am getting on of these!

Cant even believe it but I had a talk with my mother about it & basically I'm freaking out & so, so, so excited!
Now all I need is for someone to fix my holga! & buy me tons of film.
My birthday is in 27 days *wink wink* lol JUSSTTT kidding!
But I do hope for tons of birthday wishes & that will make my day!

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