Friday, January 21, 2011

Birthday Wishlist

A little list of birthday wishes I put together.

keep calm party on banner for my room renovations

oh yes please please please. I've wanted my own bonsai tree forever! & to be able to grow my own!? Its like they sell this just for me

this cute vintage owl bank. Oh how I need a bank! My wallet barely even closes its so full of change!

this mustache mug! I'm such a sucker for coffee mugs (or for me, 'tea' mugs) & I think it is going to be the new thing I collect. Plus I want to move out sooner or later & I have none of my own dishes!
as a avid cookie baker I NEED these heart shaped cookie cutters!
oh yeah, I'm getting serious now! I've wanted this record player since before I can remember! Okay, I've wanted any record player since before I can remember... but especially this one ;)

Okay this is just me dreaming since they are 300 dollars (yes, for a pair of skates. I know ridiculous) but I've been dreaming of getting into roller skating for awhile but the idea of using someones used shoes total traumatizes me & these.. ugh.. I'm in love with these teal little beauties. My size is 7.. just in case I have any sugar daddies out there reading this!

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