Sunday, November 7, 2010

I feel like its been forever

"I'll give up my nail biting, if you quit smacking your gum.
Its the little things that make you draw your gun.
Your a morning bird & I'm a night owl up so late, but if that's our biggest trouble baby, we have got it made."
These few days without blogging feels like years!
Its been BUS-AH!
End of the week update:
- This totally shocked me & kind of intrigued me
- I went from my normal nanny status to a live in nanny for two days & loved it :)
- I went to Discovery Green for my first time & loved it! Cant believe id never been. I'm such a horrible Houstonian.
- Hit my bosses gorgeous new car with mine... It was my first accident ever... Luckily there wasn't much damage & my boss is a saint & I love her to death & I'm eternally grateful for the fact she didn't even get mad!
- Spent way to much money on clothes.. but don't regret it :)
- Listened to the new Doom & Gloom song that came out today "Make Me An Offer" a little too much.. but also don't regret it :)
- & now I'm a little sickie
I need your guys help!!!
I don't know where to get some new film for my instax mini 7 that I can go bbuuyyyyy!
I need some asap & don't have time to order it off the interweb.
I feel like this is an impossible request & a dumb question but I had to ask..

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