Saturday, October 9, 2010


Today I spent the whole day watching an ungodly amount of cartoons & making chicken nuggets on the constant & hanging out with a five & six year old but surprisingly in the end I don't have much to blog about so I decided to tell everyone about this amazing new thing (like seriously, its gonna be bigger than FML & other such websites) before it blows up so you can be the cool kid that was into first ;)

My friend Megan White who is a great photographer & took this photo of me, that I still use a lot in my professional & personal life even though its two years old. lol I still love it!

She is now a college graduate & a graphic designer & working with a great company! She's also started this great little movement that, seriously, I was looking on the website & I just got high on life looking at it!

Here is the mission statement from the website:
WearLove is an organization who's main goal is to show you how much you truly matter. And to encourage those who have a passion to change their world.
You're thoughts and ideas are effective, no matter you're age, color, shape or size. Everyone feels like they are going unseen but this is where we want to draw the line. Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
When you wear a WearLove t-shirt, you could impact someones day.

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facebook! Bookmark the website! The website is still under construction BUT I was just thumbing through it & I seriously cant wait to start the projects! I got so giddy & excited!
It reinvested my love in humanity!

& If WearLove's website doesn't make you crack a smile then this should

& if that doesn't this REALLY WILL!

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