Saturday, October 23, 2010

30 Days of Truth | Day Two

Today's question was what do I love about myself:

{taken almost two years ago}
The thing I love about myself is that I'm very well rounded.
I love to crochet & bake cookies but I love to watch baseball & football.
I love trucks & motorcycles & I love working on cars & learning things about them.
I love classical music, I love screamo music, I love rock, & the classics & even country.
I love getting down & getting dirty. Working hard, playing in the mud. But I also like my hair, nails, & make up done, & I love dressing cute & keeping up with styles.
I am all about health & vegetarianism & veganism but.. sometimes I think we all need to curl up on the couch with a pizza & chow down.
I love the city, classy lofts & hip new restaurants but I love going out in the woods to my grandparents house & riding horses all day & having a good home cooked meal.
I love going to ballets & the theatre! But... I think my dream first date would be going to a UFC match!

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