Friday, October 22, 2010

30 days of truth {day one}

Today's topic is "What do I hate about myself".
Is it sad that this is probably the easiest one to answer?
Is it that way for other people too?
Is it sad that I actually have a list of things I hate about myself but I can barely think of something I love about myself?
I feel so, but here we go.

I hate that I quit dancing.
I hate that I have sincere anger problems. When I get mad, I flare up & blow up. I have no control over the things I do or say it feels like. For example, today I got so mad at some one, for something that wasn't even a big deal, but I started thinking about it & I hit the closets thing to me. Which was my dashboard, that now has a dint in it :/ & my wrist hurts.. I wish I could learn to step back & calm down because 10 minutes later I was embarrassed my the incident & didn't even know why I got so mad to begin with over something so dumb.
I hate that I barely ever finish anything, I get bored with things so fast.
I hate that I cant see what other people say about me...
I've been told my whole life how cool I was & how fun I was & how good of a friend I am.. I wish I saw what they see.

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